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Samz Snippets- Occasional Political Musings


 Al Sharpton's Education Equality Day = Hype & Props for the Privateers


Sistas & Brothas,

This coming weekend's "Education Equality Day" Rally across from the White House is a praisesong gathering for Obama's endorsement of public school privatization thru Mayoral Control of public schools and Charter Schools. This is a slick and major launch of the next wave of national privatization of public education that's being funded in the millions of dollars. Bloomberg, Broad, the Rockefellers and Bill Gates are using the cloak of Thurgood Marshall and the Brown v Board 1954 victory as their "civil rights" cover to bamboozle tens of thousands of Black Parents desparate for quality education for their children that they cannor get inthe current racist public education system which is defined and confined by these veryu same megarich whitefolks.

Over the past dozen years, these corporate pirates hellbent on hijacking public education have been able to recruit thru bribery a handful of negro socalled leaders like Al Sharpton, Mayors Adrian Fenty, Ray Nagin and Cory Booker, educators like Geoffery Canada and Prof Norguera and hustling preachers like Floyd Flake and Calvin Butts to help promote their privatizing of free public education.

Strong American Schools is about pumping public funds into corporate pockets for the sake of their respective bottomlines- NOT for the sake of bringing free quality to the millions of Black & Latino children and communities that includes a strong central focus on their respective cultures as descendants of African and Latino ancestry and antiracism.

As former NY State Regents Sister Adelaide Sanford says: It's not about an "achievment gap": it's about an "access gap." Give our Black & Latino parents, educatiors and students access to all the things we need for quality free public education to blossom... and it will. We know our children can achieve excellence in any aspect of education- and often out-achieve white and Asian students in all subjects- when given access to the very same educational things they have.

This Saturday's rally is a national launching of a major privatization onslaught upon our urban (read Black & Latino) school systems. They are preying on our collective ignorance of history to expect us to believe that a Joel Klein or an Al Sharpton or an Arne Duncan are taking up the "Civil Rights" mantle of a Thurgood Marshall when they stand side by side with avowed racists like Newt Gingrich or Roy Romer.

We have a lot of work to do and little time to do it in order to counter this BS national dog & pony roadshow. Let's find effective and creative ways to "neutralize" these privateers and their negro shadows.

In Struggle,

Sam Anderson-- 14 May 2009


Prez Obama: Tryin' to Save Capitalism First & Foremost


Sistas & Brothas,

Please remember that when Obama decided to run for the presidency of the US, and really wanted to win, he made a pledge to uphold and advance capitalism... not social justice and positive change for Blackfolk.

As he campaigned, the capitalist economy the world over began to rapidly implode. So, by the time Obama took the oath of office, his PRIMARY objective had to be to create ways to save global capitalism. And that, my Sistas & Brothas, means that in 2009, the Black Issues/Problems are pushed off the back burner to the kitchen floor. For capitalism to thrive, we are no longer needed like we were in the 18th thru the 20th Centuries. We are superfluous in the process of trying to revitalize and restore capital and capitalism. Sadly, the Gay community is in a much better political and economic position to pressure Obama on their issues than we are! They are smaller in population, but much much larger in economic and political clout than all of the 40-45 million Blackfolk inside the US.

Never before in our History in the West have we as a People been in such a decrepit position.

So, you see, we are politically weak: we have no united voice that's able to push Obama on the myriad of issues we face as a people trying to live, survive and thrive in this dying nation. None of our Black congressfolk have our back. Very few locally elected Blackfolk dare speak critical of the the government is doing or not doing for Blackfolk. The Black celebs and sportspeople are swept up in the Obama whirlwind... giving props as he distances himself from the actual people who elected him into the highest office in the land.

Don't look to Obama to specifically address our issues until WE have a million or more Black People out in the street demanding economic justice and more... and nowadays, we'll have to do it often to at least get a peep out of MrPostracial and his (chump) Change Crew.

No. We need to look inward to US to rebuild the Black Liberation Movement so we can place serious demends upon the Obama administration for the sake of our dying communities and growing ignorance among our youngfolk.

In Struggle,

S E Anderson